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The Women's Mosaic

Host Bios

Karen Morrison


In 2006 Karen Morrison founded Odyssey World International Education Services (OWIES), a 501(c)(3) Education nonprofit that provides hope, resources, and solutions for today’s most pressing social justice issues. Under her leadership as President and in collaboration with the public school system, OWIES began its advocacy in Spokane serving refugee families. In 2014 OWIES relocated to Vancouver, Washington, and has since expanded its partnerships and collaborations with several local nonprofits. Its services include resource referrals, advocacy for our most vulnerable communities including the food and housing insecure, and programming that provides education and support services to BIPOC and other disadvantaged youth. Karen’s dedication to our most vulnerable people and her compassionate approach to helping others reflect a deep understanding of life’s challenges and the unique insights gained from her lived experience. Karen was born in Louisiana and raised in Montana by Dr. Phyllis Porter and Police Officer Lloyd Porter. A cousin to Nelson Mandela in her maternal line, the pursuit of social justice is simply in her genes.

Elizabeth Madrigal


Elizabeth Madrigal, of Western European and Indigenous heritage, is a consultant, community activist, artist, and lifelong writer. She is the owner of Woman on the Good Side, a consulting firm dedicated to progressive practices, transparent communications, social activism, and grant-writing services for local nonprofit organizations. Elizabeth is also the executive director of The Grace Continuum, a recently formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to social justice, in all its iterations, with a strong focus on the health and well-being of women and girls. As the mom of two and the grandmother of eight, she hopes to continue to live happily ever after with her husband, dog, and cat on five acres they share with the deer in northern Clark County. 

About The Show

THE WOMEN’S MOSAIC, Radio Inspired by and for Women

As the Women’s Mosaic explores the real lives of local women through story-rich interviews, co-hosts Karen Morrison and Elizabeth Madrigal expose what works and what doesn’t to enhance the wellbeing of women in our greater community. Unique perspectives, resource sharing and calls-to-action are plentiful, including instructions to “Be kind… by any means necessary.”

The Women’s Mosaic is what happens when women’s voices are amplified and they speak their truths.


Hosts Karen Morrison and Elizabeth Madrigal talk to Phuong Tran, an industry consultant in the specialty coffee industry, winner of the 2005 US Barista Championship and 7th place finisher at the 2005 World Barista Championship, and owner/operator of the Lava Java Cafe in Ridgefield, WA.Karen and Elizabeth ask Phuong about ...
Hosts Karen Morrison and Elizabeth Madrigal welcome Laura Fleszar a researcher at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington and the lead author of a comprehensive national study on maternal mortality. Ms. Fleszar discusses her study, its implications, and her hopes for how the study ...
Elizabeth Madrigal and Karen Morrison talk to Director Rebecca Rodriguez and her career in filmmaking. There was too much for one episode so this is part 1 or 2 ...
In this inaugural episode, Women's Mosaic Co-hosts Karen Morrison and Elizabeth Madrigal have a candid conversationabout the health and care of women and girlswith their guest, Dr. Damilola Olupona, The doctor shares her expertise on vaccination, patient self-advocacy, effective doctor-patient communications, the special needs of adolescent girls, maternal care and ...

Co-hosts Morrison and Madrigal fittingly met at a social justice event in Esther Short Park. A friendship formed and the start of what would become thousands of hours of intense conversations. It was quickly apparent that a shared priority was the elevation of the social and legal status of women in order to improve women’s health, well-being and life expectancy. The Women’s Mosaic was created to offer a safe space for women to tell their stories, share their knowledge, speak their truths and foster positive change.

The show is broadly focused on improving and advancing the status, health and wellbeing of women in all stages of life. Women’s stories and lived experience are the highlight of the show. Listeners can expect to be served generous portions of thought-provoking opinion, critical information and strategies that advance gender equity. As co-hosts Karen Morrison and Elizabeth Madrigal explore the real lives of local women, interviews focus on opportunities and challenges and critique the underlying infrastructural and institutional biases that limit power-sharing and hold our community back. In a conversational and story-rich style, the show’s co-hosts and guests offer a variety of female perspectives with real solutions in support of a more equitable society.

Show topics address the status of women overall but examine the underlying issues of gender stereotyping, healthcare discrimination, female poverty, relationships, power dynamics, abuse, domestic violence, climate change, racism, misogyny, leadership, child care, work/life balance, finances, volunteerism, entrepreneurism and self-employment. Plenty of radical tree-shaking occurs as the voices of women of all ages, communities and socio-economic groups are amplified. Conversations highlight success stories for inspiration and pressing social issues for motivation. The show’s subject matter may be intense, but the empathetic listener need not have concerns. The intent is to educate and inform women, engage and celebrate women, and grow women’s strengths and resilience. The show offers local resources along with calls-to-action including, “Be kind… by any means necessary.”


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