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Internal Chatter

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Melissa and Staci are giving mental health the transparent examination it needs. Using lightness and levity they explore big topics and local resources. Welcome to the chat.


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Melissa Beatty with brown hair and open mouth smile

Melissa Beatty | Host

After dealing with the loss of her mother to suicide, Melissa Beatty wondered: where are the easily accessible resources and why aren’t we talking about mental health more openly? Silence not being “her thing”, she decided it was time to put her lived experience to good use in the community.

Not a fan of homework, she endeavors to make Internal Chatter an accessible, conversational, and humorous resource - after all, if mental health is about being able to enjoy one’s life and relationships, why not enjoy learning about how to enjoy one’s life and relationships?

Staci Hunter with eye contact and open mouth smile with blonde hair

Staci Hunter | Co-Host

Staci Hunter is an advertising veteran turned digital marketing software instructor residing in Vancouver, Washington. With a hospice nurse and a Jungian analyst for parents she has long been comfortable with discussing heavy or dark topics. Dysfunctional family dynamics, medical issues, death and dying, grief…these were all daily topics of interest counterbalanced with large doses of humor. Dining out, dog walks, gardening, and dabbling in encaustic painting and stained glass are her favorite ways to unwind. Co-hosting Internal Chatter and volunteering for Three Little Pitties All Breed Rescue are Staci’s current endeavors to connect with larger communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Episode Library

Internal Chatter – Sam Stevens Part 1 – 06/01/22

Melissa and Staci chat with Sam Stevens, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in private practice in Portland, OR. His focus is on new fathers and couples with young children. Has been facilitating the Portland New Father’s Group since 2010. He previously taught birth preparation classes for soon-to-be parents and now is asked to speak at industry and community mental health conferences on early child development, parenting, adjustment to fatherhood, and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders in men and women ...
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Internal Chatter – Cindy Cook – 05-04-22

Melissa and Staci talk with Cindy Cook from Emergence Grief and Loss in Vancouver, WA. Cindy is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist in the Grief Recovery Method. This is the second half of our conversation. We discuss what the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) is, what kinds of losses typically produce grief (it’s not just death…), and the six most common grief myths that often keep grievers stuck, and how everyone can receive and give better support to grievers ...
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Internal Chatter – Cindy Cook – 04/06/22

Cindy Cook, from Emergence Grief and Loss joins the chat to discuss some of the myths around grief and provide tips on healing from losses of all kinds. She’s an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist in the Grief Recovery Method - an evidence based program, that’s designed to help grievers experience a full range of emotions again, especially if they’re feeling stuck ...
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