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Filibusters’ hosts, Mike Dalesandro and John Oberg, talk about local and national issues with elected officials and community leaders.

1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 12:00 pm


About Our Show

Mike Dalesandro and John Oberg team up to bring Vancouver a unique political show that is a spin-off from their Facebook podcast, Unfiltered.  The go-to platform for all candidates from both sides of the aisle in Washington.

Did you know?

At the end of each show we play a round of trivia with our guests. As listeners can’t see hands being raised, we ask each guest to choose an animal sound as their way of signaling they have a answer. Mike will usually ask John to choose an animal for him where John will say something like platypus or aardvark to which Mike will say, “What kind of sound does that make?!?”


The Crew


Mike D Hedshot

Mike Dalesandro


Mike has been active local politics for 15 years.  He currently serves on the Battle Ground City Council and also served as Mayor for two years.  Mike’s passion for politics and conversation led starting a podcast.  In 2018, the podcast moved to KXRW as the first and only local political radio show. Since then ‘Filibusters’ has grown into the go-to stop for candidates and community leaders to discuss the issues of the day and to have a bit of fun.  Mike’s views and opinions expressed on this show are his alone and do not represent the Battle Ground City Council or the City of Battle Ground. 

John Oberg


John has long had an interest in media production putting together projects for family and friends. When the opportunity came along to produce a podcast, he readily accepted. This eventually led to transferring to radio on KXRW where he hosts and still produces Filibusters as well as being Vice President of the station.

John’s views and opinions expressed on this show are his alone and do not represent the Clark County Democrats


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Our Start

Filibusters originally started out as a podcast called Unfiltered Radio doing something like our current format but without the time constraints of radio. When we were approached by KXRW to join their programming we knew we had to do two things: create a catchy new title and get a great first guest. We eventually settled on Filibusters as that title had political significance and relayed the fun nature of the hosts. And, our first guest was none other than the mom in tennis shoes herself, Washington Senator, Patty Murray.