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At KXRW, our mission is to provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives that might otherwise go unheard. We believe that local, values-driven radio is essential for building strong, informed communities and fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

From covering local news and events to featuring local artists and musicians, KXRW is all about showcasing the best of Vancouver and Clark County. With your support, we can continue to be a vital part of this community, amplifying local voices and creating opportunities for connection, learning, and growth.

But it's not just about what we do--it's about what we can accomplish together. Your support enables us to work towards a more just, equitable, and inclusive world, where everyone has a chance to be heard and valued. By giving to KXRW, you are investing in your community and helping build a better future for us all.

Support KXRW TODAY and help us make a difference in your community.


Your contribution directly funds the following operational costs:

  • Radio tower rent where our antenna resides
  • Studio rent
  • Insurance
  • Studio and transmitter internet
  • Transmitter utilities
  • Engineering services
  • Website
  • Misc. subscriptions
  • Office supplies
  • Volunteer appreciation
  • Community event costs
  • Printing and signage
Your donation also funds our expanding equipment needs:
  • Field reporting kits
  • Mobile phone kits with upgraded microphones
  • Production software
  • Studio recording equipment
  • New interview table

Marketing Benefits


Thanks to our incredibly special partners and founding members KXRW managed to get on the air, BUT we need ongoing community support to take our local voices to the next level.  To learn more about underwriting opportunities that will not only assist us in our mission, but help your business get to the next level as well, click HERE to view our partnership packages or contact Susan Galaviz, KXRW President, at 

Amplify Vancouver's Voice


Let’s make a difference together!  It is FUN to be a part of this purpose-driven platform that highlights local Vancouver voices.  Volunteering can include everything from tabling events to learning how to become a program host/producer.  Please fill out and return the volunteer application below to let us know what interests you!

Thank you to our Monthly Donors | You Keep Us On Air

Shout Outs

We are forever grateful for the many community members and local businesses who helped with the KXRW startup.  These community angels believed in us from the very beginning and in our shared passion to bring community radio back to SW Washington.  They understand the importance of having a local platform where we can educate, inform, entertain, engage in positive dialogue, share ideas and stories, highlight nonprofits doing amazing things, promote events and businesses.  This platform serves to provide a more open media and a more just community that listens and learns from each other which ultimately moves us all forward in a positive way.  

Founding Members and Contributors

XRAY.FM, Bill Dickey, Don and Mary Orange, Dr. Art Simons, Dr. Beth Lee, Bruce Davis, Bob Stevens, Mike and Bobbi Selig, Longshoreman ILWU Local #4, The DoGooders, Ted and Paula Gates, David Dansky, Tom Dwyer Automotive, Jeff & Noelle Angelo, In Memoriam Donald Forman, Christine Lynch, Joe & Sara Clemons, Temple Lentz, In Memoriam Charles Selig, Jody Akers, Chandra Chase, Kathleen Chase, Emily Rogalette, Dawn Galli, Deb and Don Russo, Dr. Richard Kubienic, Mona McNeil, Carol & John Domench, Leslie Johnson & Jennifer Kelly, Barb Seaman, Holly Williams, Julie Gorham, Kim Genly, Suzanne Kendall, Wendy Wright, Erik & Sharon Morton, Ken & Debra Budde, David McDevitt, Eveylyn & Tim Orr, Jesse & Rosemary Williams, Jim & Shinon DeLong, Ty Stober, Earl Schwartz, and Susan and Manuel Galaviz.

Volunteer Businesses and Organizations

Jefferson Smith, Jenny Logan, Tim Marcroft, Todd Urick, Prometheus Radio Project, Chris Hammett, ADCO Printing, Lincoln’s Beard Band, Michael Couzens, Amanda Brockman, Media Institute for Social Change, Jason Renaud, Carlton Bear,, Beacock’s Music, Music World, Michael Brown, Dave Fulton, Arther Rizzotto, Chase Spross, Roben White, Donna and Michelle Bart, Wanda McNealy, Paul Green, Loowitt Brewing, Mariah Galaviz, Stephanya Portukalian, Kitty Palazzo, Lori Secker, Lesa Howell, Brickhouse Bar & Grill, Gerald and Lisa Gaule, Josh Whitehead, Phil Carson, Justin Allen Chance, Amy Abero, Richard Wilson, Ed Frankel and his son, Charles Humble, Bob Passera, and last but certainly not least, Mr. Robert Bolton with Harmony Road Music School.  


These forward-thinking businesses had the vision to support KXRW.FM and understand the power of community radio. We are deeply appreciative of their help! If you are unable to make a donation but are in need of any of our partner’s services, please support these organizations and patronize these businesses whenever you have the chance and when you do, please tell them KXRW.FM sent you. Supporting them supports KXRW. Thank you!