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We are committed to sharing knowledge and information to build a stronger community, based on inclusion, diversity and social justice in Southwest Washington and beyond. 

Our Story

The KXRW Vancouver – LP 99.9 FM signal went live on air March 1st, 2017 and our programming includes a variety of voices from our community.  Interviews with local elected officials, political candidates, founders of many local non-profits, local community leaders and members doing amazing things.  We love to highlight our local art scene and help with community event promotion. Plus, our music programming highlights local NW bands as well as music from around the world.  We also love to highlight our local art scene and help with community event promotion.  


The KXRW journey started in 2015 after being awarded a Low Power (LP) FM FCC license.  It took well over a year to find the perfect location for the radio broadcast antenna through topography studies that would give our KXRW signal the best reach.  LP FM signals are limited by FCC law to be no more than 100 watts.  After months of permitting setbacks, we finally found the perfect spot to co-locate our antenna at the 130-foot mark on the CTI Tower by Vancouver’s Auto Mall and Andresen Rd.

It takes a lot to run a radio station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and why KXRW works closely with XRAY.FM.  XRAY is an instrumental part of our programming and we are proud to call them our sister station.  Partnering with XRAY allows KXRW Vancouver programming to be heard in Vancouver and the greater Portland area along with XRAY’s great programming to fill our 24/7 schedule on XRAY’s 91.1FM and 107.1FM.  They also archive and stream our programming on their website where it can be heard anytime and on their free XRAY.FM App for smartphone and tablet devices.  No matter where you live, you can always tune in to KXRW and XRAY on your radio dial or online everywhere. 

KXRW is an independent, volunteer-based, values-driven, community-supported organization that supports radio station KXRW-LP on 99.9FM. We are dedicated to delivering quality programming with an emphasis on local voices. We are committed to sharing knowledge and information to build a stronger community, based on inclusion, diversity and social justice in Southwest Washington and beyond. 

The Backstory of How KXRW Came to Be – Susan Galaviz & KXRW

The Backstory of How KXRW Came to Be KXRW & Susan Galaviz The KXRW journey started in 2012. Founder and President Susan Galaviz became discouraged as talk radio stations around the country, including her favorite local AM talk station, were switched by their corporate owners to yet another sports station with the ultimate goal of silencing local voices. With the basic philosophy that an informed community is a healthier community, she swore that if she could find a way to bring Vancouver local voices back to our radio dial…she would. Fast forward to 2015. Through the guidance and help from ...
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Member support provides a large portion of what KXRW Vancouver 99.9FM needs to run and grow. Together KXRW members make up a community of people from Vancouver and Portland who love music and want a platform for important issues to be treated with integrity and humor.

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KXRW is a non-commercial station, which means that we exist for and because of our listeners. If you value our diverse talk, our music programming, and appreciate our commitment to work toward a more just community through open and honest media, then we need your help to thrive and grow!

Our Board of Directors

Executive Officers

Susan G

Susan Galaviz


John O

John Oberg

Vice President

Joe Clemons


brown haired 20 something male with 5 oclock shadow and nice smile in blue suit

Brandon Heimbigner


Board Members

Chandra CHase

Chandra Chase

Board Member

Elaina Galaviz

Board Member

Melissa Beatty with brown hair and open mouth smile

Melissa Beatty

Board Member

Our Committees

John Oberg


The Content committee works to ensure all show hosts are properly vetted, understand our stations expectations, and are trained to meet the FCC radio guidelines. 

Joe Clemons, Mike Selig, Chase Spross, Jake Jochim, Jen Coyne, Steve Glickman, JC Cortez, Ryan Reed, Gordon Green, Alex Pederson, Patrick Tetreault, Emily Shirron, Kaeley Johnsson, and Susan Galaviz.

Susan Galaviz


The Events Committee works to ensure KXRW’s Backstage Block Party and other community events are professionally organized and inform and engage the community. 

Susan Galaviz, Chandra Chase, Ryan Reed, Karrisa Cardenas, Elaina Galaviz, Mike Selig, Joe Clemons, and Manuel Galaviz.

Chandra Chase


From website, collateral, promotional information, and everything in between, our design committee works to bring KXRW to life. 

Susan Galaviz, Chase Spross, Elaina Galaviz, and John Oberg.

Our Team in Action