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Guitar and Other Machines

A weekly, hour long exploration of diverse innovations in sound, instruments, and music with a focus on experimental and underrepresented artists.

Weekly, Sundays from 5pm to 6pm

Guitar and Other Machines

About The Show

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The Guitar and Other Machines is a place for listeners to learn more about experimentation in sound and music from artists throughout time and from around the world. DJ Steena seeks out folks who are pushing boundaries or breaking them altogether to try out and create new paradigms for music. Tune in every Sunday to hear artists playing traditional instruments in new ways, artists using new instruments in traditional ways, or at the very least something you have never heard aired on the radio before. Some weeks she focuses the show on a specific instrument or approach, while other weeks she maps out ecosystems within which innovation and experimentation thrive.

Meet The Host

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DJ Steena


A cofounder of Freeform Portland and former XRAY volunteer, DJ Steena is a visual artist, former entomologist, fan of Cervantes, and believer in the possibilities of independent radio. She has been working on some form of Guitar and Other Machines since 1999 as a radio DJ in Oregon, Idaho, California, and now Washington. She lives in Vancouver and brings a couple decades of varying DJ experiences in freeform format college radio, community radio, pirate radio, and international internet radio to this newest iteration of the Guitar and Other Machines on KXRW. 

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My Start

The Guitar and Other Machines is an ongoing, audio art project where independent, noncommercial music and sounds collide for one-of-a-kind one hour blocks of radio. DJ Steena approaches this work with a goal of increasing listener awareness and interest in music that is often misunderstood, and in artists that are often overlooked. 
DJ Steena is passionate about curating radio shows you won’t hear anywhere else – even on another community radio station.

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