DJ Steenabrings you a weekly one hour showThe Guitar and Other Machinesto leverage the freeform format of noncommercial radio to get the music created by underrepresented & lesser known artists into unsuspecting ears.

This week it’s all about the art and use of field recordings.

The first half hour features these beautiful tracks which are either completely manipulated field recordings or songs featuring field recordings:

Glassine / Sunrise Beach / No Stairway / Danny Greenwald / 2015

Chris Watson / El Divisadero (The Telegraph) / El Trem Fantasma (The Signal Man’s Mix) / Touch / 2011

Pablo’s Eye / That Night Together / Spring Break / Stroom / 2018

Listening Mirror / The Leechpool / Resting in Aspic / Self Release / 2012

The second half includes a segment of Hildegard Westerkamp’s Walk on Kit Beach along with some breaking down of the three types of field recordings by Yiorgis Sakellariou. We wrap up with some treats from the Voyager 1 Golden Record.