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I'm with Her, She's with Me

A day-to-day perspective from the lived experience of a transgender woman and her partner in SW Washington. No topic is taboo, together they’re navigating all the hot topics from make-up to what feels like make-believe. 

4th Tuesdays from 7:30 - 8:30pm

I'm With Her, She's With Me

I"m with her, she's with me show graphic featuring two blonde middle aged women with professional makeup in a loving embrace with soft warm smiles

About Our Show

We will tackle the Hot topics, tough topics and Fun topics that affect us all in our daily lives. From relationships to make up tips, we wont shy away from the conversation.  

We want to thank James Tolsen, Steven Glickman and Susan Galaviz for giving us the opportunity to share our perspective and our experience. 

Amy and renee wilson in the KXRW blue recording studio with headsets on near a pink microphone

The Crew


radio host renee wilson, a blonde middle aged transgendered woman hosting a radio show in vancouver wa

Renee Wilson | Co-Host

Renee is a Transgender Woman who at age 43 was finally able to come out as her true authentic self. A survivor of physical emotional and sexual abuse through 12 years of therapy has been able to overcome life's obstacles and is ready to share her story with others.

Amy Wilson is the partner of renee wilson a transgendered woman both now living their best authentic life

Amy Wilson | Co-Host

Amy a Cis gender woman lived a very conservative life in a heterosexual relationship for 27 years and at age 45 finally started to be able to find herself explore her sexuality and be her true authentic self. We found each other found love and acceptance and now want to share our experiences our view and our love with others. Come sit on our couch and let's chat!

Episode Library

Hosts Amy and Renee want you to know that beauty is only skin deep and also don't believe the hype. This episode is about how you feel about yourself ...
Amy and Renee talk about being supportive in a relationship and are joined by their show producer, Steve, so he can give an examples of what to do and what NOT to do ...
Amy and Renee talk about the response they each got from coming out. As you'd expect, some was good and some was bad. Listen and find out what was which ...
Renee and Amy Wilson start their radio journey in the only place it could, the story of how they met ...

We hope listeners become open and accepting to things they may not understand.

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