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Authenticity Matters

Inspiring stories and interviews of people focusing on authenticity in both their personal and professional lives.

2nd Thursday at Noon to 1pm

Authenticity Matters

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Authenticity Matters is an one-hour program hosted by Jen Coyne. Each episode of Authenticity Matters features a special guest who has unique expressions of authenticity and journeys to finding their authentic path. 


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Jennifer Coyne

Jen Coyne


Jennifer (Jen) Coyne is a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker focusing on improving organizational cultures and helping people find and live their most authentic life. Jennifer spent the last decade focusing on discovering her authentic self and living with intention. After careers in accounting and high tech that spanned more than two decades, she co-founded a consulting, training, and coaching company with Authenticity being one of its core values. She has become a champion for changing organizations to focus more on People and Purpose..

What I've Learned

Life is a journey not a destination. It’s about the process for being as authentically you at any stage in your life as it is finding the most authentic “version” of yourself.

This is hard work! and the reasons for not being truly authentic, like fear, are real. 

My Start

I’ve had a lot of experience helping others prepare for podcasts and radio and then have had the opportunity to be interviewed as the co-founder of The PEAK Fleet, my organizational consultancy. One of my company’s values is Authenticity, and it’s something I’ve become extremely passionate about as a key to unlock satisfaction both in work and the rest of life. After meeting Susan Galaviz through a mutual friend, things converged, and Authenticity Matters was born. I’m so pleased being able to share people’s stories and their tips for finding your more authentic self.


Authenticity Matters

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