Sarah Desjarlais, Executive Director of Fosterful, stops by the chat to discuss how Fosterful provides a variety of ways volunteers can show up for foster children in the greater community without needing to make the full-time committment as a foster parent. Along the way we talk about ACE scores, the four trauma responses and how to work through them (Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn), and Fosterful’s next big initiative, Sidekicks. As a former foster parent of nine years and momma to five wild kids, Sarah has a high tolerance for pain. Her tireless ability to dig in when problems need solving comes through as she describes how she and Fosterful navigate the ever changing goals and regulations in the foster system, pandemic changes, and how Fosterful evolves to support kids in Washington and Idaho. Sarah loves cooking, eating, public speaking, and believes that Bigfoot really does exist. Welcome, Sarah!