Mike Nieto stops by the chat to discuss with Melissa and guest host, Sandra Foreman, how his self-funded nonprofit, Dig Deep, is helping employees in a “tough guy” industry like heavy construction deal with their mental health, so they can be their own best selves. He works to create the ‘uncomfortably safe’ environment where the tough issues can be discussed, in a safe way. In doing so he offers team members opportunity to learn about who they are and what they can be. He utilizes many tools including: therapy, PRINT, and other team building activities that harvest vulnerability. He believes when business helps build people, those same people help build a better community. We talk about the “Why of You” insights the PRINT process brings to his team, the fatigue of therapy, keeping the ego in check, becoming aware of triggers, the high suicide risk in the construction industry, what the shadow self means, and oh yea, he showed up with his arm in a sling because of his recent dirt biking injuries. Welcome, Mike!