Melissa and Staci chat with Debbie Dedrickson about the best relationship advice you’ve never heard about… The Drama (or Rescue) Triangle… what it is, how damaging it can be, and why it’s so important to avoid on Lines for Life Crisis calls. Lots of other super helpful advice to take the pressure off you and be a better friend if you know someone struggling with substance abuse or suicidal thoughts.

Deborah currently works as the Director of Crisis Line Operations at Lines for
Life, an Oregon-based non-profit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and
suicide and promoting mental wellness. In this role, she trains and
supervises a team of 150 clinicians who answer calls on over 30 behavioral
health support lines, including the state’s Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Drug
and Alcohol Helpline, Youthline, Military Helpline, Senior Loneliness Line and
Racial Equity Support Line. In her 14 years at Lines for Life, she has
personally answered thousands of crisis calls, bearing witness to the power of
kindness and compassion to renew the spirit, build hope, inspire resilience and
support recovery.