Re-Imagined Radio | The Day the Earth Stood Still

Re-Imagined Radio celebrates and curates this classic science fiction radio story. A space alien arrives in Washington, DC, and delivers a warning . . . an ultimatum. Live peacefully or be destroyed by robots of unimaginable power. Beyond science fiction literature themes like space aliens, flying saucers, and robots, this radio story overlays Cold War …

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Re-Imagined Radio | A Mighty Span

Re-Imagined Radio explores early examples of dramatized news events and uses this inspiration to create its own dramatization of the opening of the Interstate Bridge linking Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia River, 106 years ago, February 14, 1917. Our dramatized radio broadcast originates from the lift span of the Interstate Bridge where …

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Re-Imagined Radio | Short Sound Stories 1-30-23

Re-Imagined Radio presents a collection of eighteen short stories told with vocals, sound effects, field recordings, and music. Subjects include soundscapes, dreamscapes, deep questions, audio drama, radio drama, radio historical highlights, memories, emotional states, loss and redemption, scary stories, uplifting stories, collages, sound poems, and more. All created by local, emerging artists.

Re-Imagined Radio | A Radio Christmas Sampler Vol. II

Last year we sampled holiday episodes from several other radio programs, offering what we called “A Radio Christmas Sampler.” Listeners told us they enjoyed this approach. So this year we offer “A Radio Christmas Sampler Vol. II.” We sample from “Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Kid,” Jean Shepherd Show, WOR Radio, New York, 24 Dec. …

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Re-Imagined Radio | The War of the Worlds: Possible Influences

Re-Imagined Radio has celebrated the anniversary of “The War of the Worlds” several times by re-telling the story. This year, on the occasion of its 84th anniversary, we explore earlier experiments with radio storytelling that may have influenced Orson Welles’s radio adaptation of the 1898 novel by H. G. Welles. In addition to samples from …

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Re-Imagined Radio | Twisted Epiphanies

Re-Imagined Radio presents twenty short radio stories written and voiced by folks living in America’s Pacific Northwest. Each story features an “epiphany,” a sudden, unexpected revelation or insight. Especially with regard to four questions we often ask ourselves: “Who Am I?”, “Where Am I Going?”, “So What?”, and “Why?” The responses are entertaining and insightful. …

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