Hard Reset – Why blind Americans have faced barriers while seeking the covid vaccine – 3/10/21

During the covid vaccine rollout, Americans have relied on state and federal websites to get vital information and sign up for the vaccine. But Kaiser Health News reported recently that millions of people with visual impairments have had trouble accessing the sites and getting vaccine appointments without assistance. We spoke with Lauren Weber, a midwest …

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Hard Reset – 2/24/21

On this week’s episode, Justin talks about what it was like on the ground in Houston during a brutal winter storm that left many Texans without electricity and water. Also: What makes Texas’ grid different from other states and the optics of Sen. Ted Cruz leaving the state during the emergency.

Hard Reset 11/25/20

In this Episode, Mollie talks with writer and comedian Jennie Egerdie about her work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, JC and Mollie discuss the possible consequences of mass travel on coronavirus spread over the coming months.

Hard Reset 11/11/20

In this episode, Mollie, Justin and JC break down some of the complicated news following the 2020 Presidential Election. The Associated Press and other news organizations have called the election for Joe Biden, even as jurisdictions across the country continue to count and report ballots. President Trump and his allies have lobbed accusations of fraudulent …

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Hard Reset 10/28/20

In this episode, Mollie talks with journalist Emma Castleberry about the complications experienced by ex-prison inmates during the COVID pandemic. Then, JC, Justin and Mollie discuss the credibility and consequences of a dubious New York Post story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.