Dragonfly – Red Herring – 9/28/22

Dragonfly explores stories; this week we review the “red herring” and how writers use this device to pleasantly distract listeners while telling a tale. This is followed by another installment of the goings-on of the inhabitants of a fictional Pacific NW town, where “time isn’t even a concept,” Cape Couve.

Dragonfly, with KC Cooper, 3/23/22

Dragonfly explores story and storytelling. This episode explores story beginnings and how they work.We interview Improv teacher and artist, KC Cooper, who discusses the variation on storytelling that improvisational theater is. It concludes with another installment about the goings-on in the fictional NW seaside community, Cape Couve, and its quirky inhabitants, this time with reporter …

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Dragonfly, Suspense–with Dave Roberts–1/26/22

Dragonfly explores stories and how they work. This week we investigate the element of suspense and how story tellers use it to engage us from the page, the stage and the screen. Local actor/director Dave Roberts shares his insights on the topic. And, as always, we visit Cape Couve, the charming, fictional NW community and …

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Dragonfly, Creativity w/poet Gwendolyn Morgan, 10/27/21

Dragonfly explores stories: their structure, meaning and connection to us. This episode we explore the creative muse: where do artists and storytellers get inspiration? We feature music, story themes and poetry. Also featured is an interview with former Clark County poet laureate Gwendolyn Morgan, who discusses creativity. what inspires her to write and reads one …

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DRAGONFLY Ep 3 w/David Bareford 8/25/21

Dragonfly explores storytelling. This episode reviews the impact of character in storytelling, features local playwright David Bareford and his take on character and writing for the stage; it concludes with a new chapter in the ongoing saga about the characters and their antics in the fictional NW seaside town of Cape Couve.