Two Rooms At The End Of The World EP 6 – 2/13/23

Two Rooms At The End Of The Worldsees in a string of great songs that have fallen off the radar over the years or some that never found their way onto it in the first place.

Featured Tracks(Song – Artist)

  • Walls (Circus) – Tom Petty
  • Open Your Eyes – Bobby Caldwell
  • I’m Just a Guitar (Everybody Picks on Me) – Pete Drake
  • Run That Body Down – Paul Simon
  • Come and Hold Me – Fanny
  • I Can’t Give Everything Away – Spoon (David Bowie Cover)
  • In Quintessence – Squeeze
  • Only You Know – Dion
  • Dirty Livin’ – KISS
  • David Crosby Tribute Medley– I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better (The Byrds), Carry Me (Crosby and Nash), Wasted On The Way (Demo) (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)