Two Rooms At The End Of The World EP 13 – 5/29/23

Two Rooms At The End Of The Worldsees in a string of great songs that have fallen off the radar over the years or some that never found their way onto it in the first place.

Featured Tracks(Song – Artist)

  • The Last DJ – Tom Petty
  • So In Love – Curtis Mayfield
  • Troubles A’ Coming – The Rolling Stones
  • Losing You – Randy Newman (Intro Clip from 2011 Performance on The Guardian)
  • Over The Hill – John Martyn
  • Saviour – Silvertwin
  • You’re My Favorite Waste Of Time – Marshall Crenshaw
  • Get Down To It – Humble Pie
  • Dweller On The Threshold – Van Morrison
  • Lay It On Me Baby – Nick Lowe
  • House On The Prairie – Geraint Watkins