Two Rooms At The End Of The World EP 10 – 4/10/23

Two Rooms At The End Of The Worldsees in a string of great songs that have fallen off the radar over the years or some that never found their way onto it in the first place.

Today’s episode features a specially mixed and curated medley of songs from Prog-Rock legends 10cc among many other great selections as usual.

Featured Tracks(Song – Artist)

  • Sweet City Woman – The Stampeders
  • Wisdom From A Tree – David Vandervelde
  • Spaceman — Journey (Greg Rollie Lead Vocals)
  • Bazil – Geoff and Maria Mauldaur
  • As Long As I Have You – Roger Daltrey
  • Savage – The Eurythmics
  • 10cc Medley –Shock On The Tube – I’m Mandy Fly Me – Don’t Hang Up
  • Occapella – Lee Dorsey
  • The Sad Cafe – The Eagles