Good Ship Earth

For the Sake of Money

Mike Selig

Mike Selig, Host

It is historically incorrect to say that our country was founded by Pilgrims for the sake of religious freedom. Before the Pilgrims landed, wealthy Englishmen founded the Virginia Colony to grow and sell tobacco, the truth is our country was first founded by white colonists for the sake of money. It was a time that the average American doesn’t know about, when black planters owned white servants. It was also a time of turmoil, when the British Governor of the Virginia Colony tried to stop white theft of Native American lands.

Good Ship Earth is an exploration into how we will build a better future so we and our children will have a future. We will learn from experts on how we can improve our countries systems; from the economy, energy, food production, social justice, education and more.

The mission that I am committed to outgrew my first show, Voices from the Community, which I hosted and produced since 2017. The Good Ship Earth will hopefully cover the planet bringing engaging, informative and life expanding stories back to our friends in the Vancouver-Portland area.