Nov. 24, 1971, a middle-aged man known only as “D.B. Cooper” hijacked a Boeing
727 class jet between Portland Ore. and the Seattle-Tacoma International
Airport. The mysterious man held hostage the fate of the flight, its 36
passengers and six crew members. He parachuted over Southwest Washington from
the rear of the airplane with $200,000 tied to his body. Although a few bundles
of eroded 20-dollar bills were found years later, Cooper and the rest of the
money never were.
by Dan Wyatt Jr., WSU alumnus and owner of Kiggins Theatre, “The Skyjacker”
seeks to make sense of the Cooper story. This performance considers Cooper’s
exploit with research, creativity and historical imagination.
performance of “The Skyjacker” will be the first time a performance is offered
simultaneously on multiple radio stations. Previously, Re-Imagined Radio
offered live re-enactments of classic radio dramas at the Kiggins Theatre in
downtown Vancouver, Wash.
people do not think much of radio these days. We hope to change that thinking.
Radio, whether through the atmosphere or internet, is precisely positioned to
provide community PIE—participation, interaction and engagement,” said John
Barber, Re-Imagined Radio’s leader and WSU Vancouver Creative Media and Digital
Culture Program faculty member. “PIE is good in the face of the limitations we
all endure because of the pandemic. Stay home, stay safe and listen to
Re-Imagined Radio on the radio.”

About Re-Imagined Radio
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