Re-Imagined Radio presents Nirvana & Gehenna, an
interdimensional documentary written by Jerrel McQuen and produced by
three-time Emmy winner Marc Rose, both of Portland, Oregon. In their
story, The Multiverse is a helix. Five spirals above Earth is the
universe that contains the dimension of Dry Smoke, and nine spirals up
is the universe that contains Farwan.

Each universe has a vibrational energy major unique to its locadtion on the helix, but any event can ripple up and down the helix, and parallel events are born. When Professor Thedgar Rhedlington, an eccentric scientist from the Dry Smoke
continuum, stumbles upon a way to bridge all three, Nirvana & Gehenna.

According to Rose, the title refers to the polar opposites of human experience.

Sounds mad — but is it? You decide.