New Waves NW

Episode #2 - 6/5/2

Host J.T. Drums and Co-Host EGO

New Waves NW is the best place to discover great bands and artists from the pacific NorthWest and all over the country. Showcasing underground and hidden talent and going more in depth in the specifics of the artist and their music.

Today’s Lineup:

1:01 Saint Gospel by Cheektet

9:28 Backseat Boogie by Jaysiproof

16:16 No There But Here by Lowbelly

21:59 Huh by Tirlyn Sky

25:35 Nervous Love Song by Sunflower

36:00 Lately by Part Time Perfect

40:53 Pink Cloud by Stone Figure

46:24 On The Block by Swiss Micheals

49:28 Lonely Hours (ft. CallGirl) by Lord Lawrence

53:04 By My Side by 9Gauge