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5/26/21 Transitions for students with disabilities

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We can understand the world better and learn more about ourselves when we pay attention to the stories of other people. By listening to the voices of others, we strengthen our own… Our attitudes and actions have great potential to affect those around us. With the awareness that we are all connected, we challenge the listener to look for a connection with the perspective of our guests, consider how their stories resonate with our experience.

Young people with disabilities face many challenges finding a place in their community after they graduate, especially in a small town like Washougal, Wa. This is a topic that hits close to home for me. Jessica Nickels, who works with me at Washougal High School, has worked hard for the last four years to to build a program that helps these young adults prepare for an independent life and find meaningful employment. ~Barb

The school district is offering a free screening of the movie Hearts of Glass from June 2-12. A panel discussion will offer more insight and brainstorming about the subject on June 9. The link to the film and registration for the discussion:

Making Connections- By listening to the voices of others, we strengthen our own…