Hell’s flames or Heaven’s gates- an honest reflection on growing up as an Evangelical Christian. Poet and photographer Joann Boswell speaks about her new book, “Cosmic Pockets” which shares intimate thoughts on faith, spirituality, feminism, and motherhood, mixed with a dose of science fiction, just for fun. Our conversation focused mostly on the religion part- the impression all of the “hell teaching” makes on a young, developing mind.

Find out more about Joann Boswell by going to her website,https://joannrenee.com/cosmic-pockets

Listening back on this interview, I realized that Joann made a comment that encompasses my whole motivation for doing this show:

“When you get to know people, it changes from something on paper to something in your heart…”

Making Connections:We can understand the world better and learn more about ourselves when we pay attention to the stories of other people. By listening to the voices of others, we strengthen our own…