Violent offenders have a right to get out of jail, on bail.  The judge has very limited options. Sometimes, the victim pays with her life.  This is what happened to Tiffany Hill.  

This episode examines how the legal system enabled the murder of Tiffany Hill.  It was obvious to her- as well as the police, the detective, the prosecutor, her personal lawyer- that her life would be in danger if and when her abuser was released.  But the law said he had a right to be released on bail.    

Tanya Wollstein, Domestic Violence Investigator, Vancouver Police Department, speaks about the issues related to this case, and describes an effective new tool that may help with bail assessments in the future.

Making Connections: We can understand the world better and learn more about ourselves when we pay attention to the stories of other people.   By listening to the voices of others, we strengthen our own…