Making Connections

6/23/21 Becoming a Stonemason

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We can understand the world better and learn more about ourselves when we pay attention to the stories of other people. By listening to the voices of others, we strengthen our own… Our attitudes and actions have great potential to affect those around us. With the awareness that we are all connected, we challenge the listener to look for a connection with the perspective of our guests, consider how their stories resonate with our experience.

Micheal Byrne is a stonemason who‘s especially proud of his public projects- Timberline Lodge, Vista House, Multnomah Falls, stone walls along the old Columbia River highway, scenic overlooks in the gorge. I met Micheal a few years ago as a volunteer on the Cape Horn trail, and helped him build one of the overlooks there. Working with this experienced tradesman, learning a little about this traditional craft, was quite an experience! Micheal is a colorful character with an interesting background, and I connected with him to hear some stories about his earlier days.