Ever Present Past – EP 9 Rose Maddox (ft. Stephanie Clifford) 3/25/23

Ever Present Past is a broadcast that focuses on music from the past that doesn’t seem to get its fair share of coverage in today’s musical commentary. Our goal is to ensure these featured stories told of each artist or album live on while educating and entertaining the listening audiences.

In this episode, we are joined by special guest New York Times Best Selling Author Stephanie Clifford as we foray into Country and Western music through the story of Rose Maddox – a trailblazing 20th-century Western singer who dedicated her whole life to her craft quietly helping pave the way for women in the C&W scene.

Stephanie helps guide us through Rose’s life + legacy and speaks with us on her new novel “The Farewell Tour” – a fictional story largely taking place in Washington State that explores one unforgettable woman’s creativity, ambition, and sacrifices in a world—and an art form—made for men through the lens of Country & Western music.

  • Hangover Blues
  • Loose Talk (w/ Buck Owens)
  • Old Train