Re-Imagined Radio celebrates the Christmas holidays with selections from Christmas episodes of radio programs like Suspense, Rocky Fortune, The Damon Runyon Theatre, The Jack Benny Program, Bing Crosby and The Kraft Music Hall, Vic and Sade, and the 2020 recorded performance of “A Radio Christmas Carol” by Metropolitan Performing Arts. Since 2013 Re-Imagined
Radio has offered a holiday celebration. We continue this tradition
with “A Radio Christmas Sampler.”

A scene with Scrooge begins “A Radio Christmas Sampler.” Jeffrey Puukka
voices Scrooge. Another scene with Tiny Tim closes the episode. Greg
Shilling voices Tiny Tim. Both are sampled from the 2020 Re-Imagined
Radio broadcast of “A Radio Christmas Carol” with Metropolitan
Performing Arts.

Selections from “Vic’s Christmas Card List,” from the radio series Vic and Sade,
created and written by Paul Rhymer and broadcast five days a week from
1932-1944, feature Rhymer’s unique comedic style and outrageous
character names. In this sample from a December 1939 episode, Victor
Gook, a bookkeeper for Plant 14 of the Consolidated Kitchenware Company,
Sade, his homebody wife, and Rush, their adopted son discuss why Vic
has to send Christmas cards to people he rarely, if ever, meets.

Our sampling of “Dancing Dan’s Christmas,” speaks to how, at Christmas,
we may chart a new course for our lives. It’s from the March 13, 1949
episode of The Damon Runyon Theatre, a year long series
featuring dramatizations of stories by the author Damon Runyon set
against the backdrop of New York City. John Brown narrates as Broadway, a
small time criminal with a heart of gold. His story has warmth and

“Decorating the Christmas Tree,” proves a shocking experience for Jack Benny, host of the 23 December 1951 Christmas episode of The Jack Benny Program.

“Department Store Santa” samples a performance by Frank Sinatra, the
singer and musical artist from the 22 December 1953 episode of his
little-known radio series, Rocky Fortune. Sinatra plays
Rocky Fortune, a footloose young gentleman who accepts odd jobs. Here he
is a part-time Santa Claus in a downtown department store. Sinatra is
street wise and hep talkin’ but he’s just the man to deal with the
robberies and help out a young girl who wants a particular Christmas
gift, and her older, attractive sister.

“Korean Christmas Carol” considers, from a paranormal perspective, being
away from family and friends at Christmas, in our sample from the 20
December 1959 episode of Suspense. Bill Lipton narrates.

“A Radio Christmas Sampler” closes with a joyful rendition of “Jingle
Bells” by Bing Crosby and others sampled from the 12 December 1944
episode of Bing Crosby and The Kraft Music Hall.

Metropolitan Performing Arts, of Vancouver, WA, provide Christmas songs throughout.