Fusebox 209: “Under Obstruction”

Fusebox 209: “Under Obstruction” — What do ya get when Americans don’t exercise their right to vote? You get a smoking crater where your country used to be. So, if you like the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States of Awesome, get’cher ass out and VOTE!

Fusebox 197 “Codswallop”

Fusebox 197: “Codswallop” :: Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful podcast called Fusebox. It was a funny, insightful, clever, and entertaining podcast enjoyed and tolerated by tens of dozens of a couple of people across the land. THE END —

Fusebox 196 “Conspiranoimia”

Fusebox 196: “Conspiranoimia”—Sure, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But if ya cut MTG open, you’d be slathered and awash in batcrap crazy mixed with eye-gouging tastebud-blistering icepick-in-the-ears ugliness to match her outsides!

Fusebox – 195 “Is It In?”

Fusebox 195: “Is It In?”—Find out if Marc Rose and Milt Kanes were able to get Fusebox’s “Studio 51” out of a technological black hole and up and running bigger, better, n’ badder than before. And remember: When something doesn’t fit, get a bigger hammer!

Fusebox 194 Wire Side Chat

Host Marc Rose details the process of rewiring the Fusebox studio and the calamities therein. Also, a look at the “Sunshine Protection Act” and a few award winning WTF Florida’s.