Two Rooms At The End Of The World EP 1 – 11/14/22

The inaugural episode ofTwo Rooms At The End Of The World sees in a string of great songs that have fallen off the radar over the years or some that never found their way onto it in the first place.

Featured Tracks(Song – Artist)

  • Two Rooms At The End Of The World – Elton John
  • Falling In And Out Of Love – Pure Prairie League
  • Brooklyn Owes The Charmer Under Me – Steely Dan
  • You Came Back (Demo) – The Who
  • Don’t Try n’ Change My Mind – Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance
  • Well Acquainted – Dick Stusso
  • Breakaway – Gallagher & Lyle
  • We Can Mess Around – Brinsley Schwarz
  • Heaven Only Knows – Geraint Watkins
  • Same – Matthew Logan Vasquez
  • Hammond Song – The Roches
  • It’s A Sad Affair – Peter Frampton

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