Re-Imagined Radio presents Exuberance Is Beauty recorded for radio performance by actors from Illuminus Audio Productions of Portland, Oregon. Created by Donna Barrow-Green, also from Portland.

The setting is Portland, Oregon, following the end of World War II. A
young widow, Eve Miller has not gotten over the loss of her husband
Nick. An intense and exciting love affair with Jeff Lambert, a dashing,
married, artist has brought passion back into her life. But, both Jeff
and Eve must face the consequences of their desires and actions.

The tragic story unfolds through Eve’s eyes, despite her will and
resistance. Themes explored include gender norms, liberty, motherhood,
obsessive love, mental illness, and justice.

This special performance for Re-Imagined Radio begins with Exuberance Is Beauty
(2015), a fictional, historical novel by Donna Barrow-Green, a writer
of dark fiction, memoir, and docu-biography.
In 2020, Barrow-Green created a serialized literary podcast of her
novel. Barrow-Green created and produced the sound design. Vocal parts
were performed by Illuminus Audio Productions. This multi-episode
podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Audible, and
other podcast platforms, is akin to an audio book and retains the depth
and breadth of the original novel. Exuberance Is Beauty has garnered serious attention and awards as a fictional podcast.

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