Ever Present Past is a broadcast that focuses on music from the past that doesn’t seem to get its fair share of coverage in today’s musical world. Our goal is to ensure these featured stories told of each artist or album live on while educating and entertaining the listening audiences.

In our first episode in the 2023 new year, we dive into the story of 1970’s Singer-Songwriter Andrew Gold – a Pop-Rock whose success to many new audiences stems from a modern-day meme (‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’) but also an impressive catalog from the ’70s that might not be known to certain audiences.

In this episode, we use clips from interviews posted on Andrew Gold’s official youtube account, including a 2001 radio interview with Mike Botts as well as clips from an interview with Mark Maron and Dave Grohl.

  • You’re No Good (Linda Ronstadt)
  • Lonely Boy
  • Never Let Her Slip Away
  • Thank You For Being A Friend