Re-Imagined Radio pays tribute to the popular female detective series Candy Matson (1949-1951), a weekly radio drama series noted for its strong female
protagonist. Candy Matson was an intelligent, no nonsense detective. She was driven,
relentless, and disarming. Rather than a seedy office, she ran her
business from a Telegraph Hill penthouse in San Francisco, California.
She worked with Rembrandt Watson, an eccentric photographer, and sparred
with Lieutenant Ray Mallard, a San Francisco Police detective, and her
love interest. San Francisco actors, musicians, and colorful locales
often played supporting roles.
She was a compelling alternative to the popular male
detective radio genre, and the best of the popular female detective

Ninety one episodes of Candy Matson were broadcast from
1949 to 1951 when, despite its popularity, the series was cancelled.
This Re-Imagined Radio Candy Matson Tribute highlights the first and
last episodes, “The Donna Dunham Case” and “Candy’s Last Case.”

The first episode, “The Donna Dunham Case,” was broadcast 30 June
1949. In this episode Candy investigates a jealous-lover murder and
nearly falls victim herself. The final episode, “Candy’s Last Case” (AKA
“The Cape Hatteras Diamond”) features a double murder and a missing
diamond. Both lead indirectly to Mallard proposing marriage to Candy.
Both episodes showcase Candy Matson as a ground-breaking
female detective series with a strong lead character, local references,
and a cast of characters representing diversity and inclusivity. Both
demonstrate the appeal and power of radio storytelling and how it
engages listeners’ imaginations.