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Awkward Interruptions with Interstate, where we keep the beat local and the conversations candid. Join us as we explore the sound and soul of our community.

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Awkward Interruptions with Interstate

About Our Show

Awkward Interruptions with Interstate a radio show where we showcase the best and brightest musicians from our community and get insights from community leaders on the state of music in our area. Join us as we dive into the vibrant and diverse music scene of our city and the Pacific Northwest, featuring interviews from up-and-coming artists as well as established favorites and community leaders. All the while touching on and relating through our experiences as a local band. Tune in and discover the sounds that are shaping our community.



Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Interstate is a musical brotherhood that has seen it all. Dominic, James, and Josh have been together playing, recording, and touring in another band for over a decade. But the party eventually took over, leading to addiction and mental health struggles. Together, they harnessed their collective strength and emerged with a renewed sense of purpose. Enter Chris on bass, a fellow musician and zen master whose musicality and influences immediately shifted the band’s focus back to the music. With a unique perspective on reality, Interstate’s sound is a melting pot of life experience, musicality, and 

Welcome to Awkward Interruptions with Interstate. Our third is a conversation amongst ourselves. Enjoy the awkward <3Local music on this episode includes:Tuna Head - Working Too HardGrowing Pains - Lemon LimeEvery Living Beast - Wash Me AwayKulululu - Green GrassOrphan Train - Arco StoryFawkes Gold - Solid GoldFastest Fox Alive - ButterfliesInterstate - Dissolve ...
Welcome to Awkward Interruptions with Interstate. Our second episode features Luis Ocasio, aka Tenface. We discuss his new album Jazz Raps and muse on the creative process of being a musician today.Local music on this episode includes:Tenface w/ BMAN - BenjaminsTenface w/ Suave the Jedi - City LightsPart Time Perfect - Elevate DeviateYudai Orange - On The DailyShawna Pair - Manual Trans ManualGwythaints - Bad BloodInterstate - MulliganTenface - For the Cats ...
Welcome to Awkward Interruptions with Interstate. Our debut episode features Steven Deans, owner of the Brickhouse Bar and Grill. We also explore some great local music from the Vancouver/Portland metro area! Check out the artists and songs, which are listed below!Tigers on Opium - 82nd Street HarlequinTiny Jackets - National Appreciation DayCity of Echo - UnreasonTenface - ProgramBanana Creatures - Smoking GunsLast Giant - Feels Like WaterInterstate - The Interstate ...

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