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New Waves NW

About Our Show

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New Waves NW is the best place to discover great bands and artists from the pacific North West and all over the country. Showcasing underground and hidden talent and going more in depth in the specifics of the artist and their music.

Our Start

Due to both J.T. and Ryan Reed being in the music industry, their paths inevitably crossed… One day J.T. received a phone call from Ryan asking how he’d feel about running a radio show. J.T. was thrilled at the thought of this and quickly thought of including his co-host, EGO, and they got to work. Thanks to Susan Galaviz and Ryan Reeds guidance, we made it happen!

The Crew


Ego the co host with hair in bun and hands with tattoos

J.T. Drums | Host

Our Host J.T. Is an accredited musician from Vancouver WA. Playing drums for most of his life, and piano on top of that, J.T. has played many shows all over the west coast and in several other states. JT Is a Co-founder/owner of CIK studio LLC, as well as, playing with a couple different groups. J.T. Knows the ins and the outs of the local music scene and aims to showcase what amazing talent lies amongst us.

JT the shot host with glasses and floral collared shirt

EGO | Co-Host

Our Co-Host Ego is a seasoned vocalist/audio engineer with a huge passion for music and helping others reach the goals they set to achieve. EGO is a Co-founder/owner of CIK Studio LLC and has several of his own musical projects.


First Time Listener?

Our show helps showcase what wonderful talent Vancouver WA, the Portland Metro area and cities from across the nation have amongst them. 

Episode Library

0:00 - Show Intro2:12 - There Was A Time by Stephanie Seymour6:54 - I'm Going Vegan by Whalien10:00 - Raptors ...
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SETLIST03:53 Summertime - Part Time Perfect08:54 Raven & Rose - Rob Lascow16:55 Mama Said No - Sasquatch Boom21:41 Pink Cloud ...
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1:32 "Minutes" - Isaiah Saturn7:38 "Goodnight Lullaby" - Drifter12:48 "She's Mine" - T Walker17:46 Interview with T Walker30:02 "When I'm ...
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1:45 - Pizza For One by Vanwho5:58 - Boys Don't Cry by Captain Danger11:40 - Interview w/ D.J. AMS & ...
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Line up for this episode1:23 Daydream - Briana Piedra4:33 IMY - Snugsworth6:58 Raven & Rose - Rob Lascow11:43 Down Then ...
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1:55 Walking Repeater - T Walker8:07 50 Lights - Yellow Trash Can (YTC)11:02 Keep Movin' (feat. Siah) - $pecs14:45 Ad ...
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This episode's line up:1:50 Only One Us - We Are The West6:31 Vorrei Parlare a Dio - Mbrascatu11:58 Diamond in ...
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Lineup:1:23 In Through The Out Door - The Low Season6:28 Circles - Cheyanne Summer11:00 The Lockdown - Kevin Moon13:41 Word ...
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Lineup:Pain is Temporary - D. WorthyMalibu - D. WorthyDecompression - BrdyInterview with Rob LaskowNo Sleep - Rob LaskowTake Me - ...
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Lineup:Pain is Temporary - D. WorthyMalibu - D. WorthyDecompression - BrdyInterview with Rob LaskowNo Sleep - Rob LaskowTake Me - ...
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