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Hard Reset

Examining national stories and narratives, fact-checking and informing the world on how to examine news in the era of the “fake news” mantra. 

2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 6am

Hard Reset

About Our Show

Hosts JC Cortez and Justin Sanders examine claims and narratives made in the media, bring original reporting and fact-checking. 

What is “Big if True?” Hard-reset was created by Molly Bryant, from the news nonprofit Big if True in Oklahoma City. They focus on misinformation and information literacy. 

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The Crew


JC Cortez


JC Cortez Bio Coming Soon. 

Justin Sanders

Justin Sanders


Justin Sanders Bio Coming Soon. 


Mollie Bryant

Molly Bryant

Creator and Regular Contributor

Founder of Big If True, a nonprofit news organization in Oklahoma City is the Hard Reset show creator, former investigative journalist , and regular contributor. 

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