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Examining national stories and narratives, fact-checking and informing the world on how to examine news in the era of the “fake news” mantra. 

2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 6am

Hard Reset

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Hosts JC Cortez and Justin Sanders examine claims and narratives made in the media, bring original reporting and fact-checking. 

What is “Big if True?” Hard-reset was created by Molly Bryant, from the news nonprofit Big if True in Oklahoma City. They focus on misinformation and information literacy. 

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JC Cortez


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Justin Sanders

Justin Sanders


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Mollie Bryant

Molly Bryant

Creator and Regular Contributor

Founder of Big If True, a nonprofit news organization in Oklahoma City is the Hard Reset show creator, former investigative journalist , and regular contributor. 

Episode Library

On our last episode of Hard Reset, we talked about the time one of our co-hosts was doxxed for reporting on the far right, what we’ve learned about courts in the United States and why using “clicks” to guide newsrooms can push journalists in the wrong direction.

On this week’s show, we spoke with Will Bedwell, a housing attorney for the Mississippi Center for Justice. Since last year, the nonprofit law firm has seen a surge of evictions in Mississippi, which has some of the least tenant-friendly laws in the country.

Also: What steps should you take if you get an eviction notice?

During the pandemic, many criminal courts moved at a glacial pace. Now some courts are facing backlogs that public defenders worry will further delay trials for their clients. We spoke with Jana Hayes, who wrote about this issue recently for Big If True.

Also: Deepfakes and how Trump could return to social media

During the covid vaccine rollout, Americans have relied on state and federal websites to get vital information and sign up for the vaccine. But Kaiser Health News reported recently that millions of people with visual impairments have had trouble accessing the sites and getting vaccine appointments without assistance. We spoke with Lauren Weber, a midwest correspondent for Kaiser Health News and one of the reporters behind the story.

Also on the show: Millions of families are behind on their rent, placing a high demand on legal aid programs that provide free legal services to low-income Americans.

On this week’s episode, Justin talks about what it was like on the ground in Houston during a brutal winter storm that left many Texans without electricity and water. Also: What makes Texas’ grid different from other states and the optics of Sen. Ted Cruz leaving the state during the emergency.

Today on the show: Billions of dollars in federal aid were reserved for to help hospitals financially survive the pandemic, but in some cases, funds went to the wrong owner or were never spent. We spoke with reporter Brianna Bailey, who recently reported on some of the issues that came up when the aid was rolled out in Oklahoma. Also: How a congresswoman from Georgia is amplifying conspiracy theories like QAnon.

In this Episode, Mollie talks with writer and comedian Jennie Egerdie about her work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, JC and Mollie discuss the possible consequences of mass travel on coronavirus spread over the coming months.

In this episode, Mollie, Justin and JC break down some of the
complicated news following the 2020 Presidential Election. The
Associated Press and other news organizations have called the election
for Joe Biden, even as jurisdictions across the country continue to
count and report ballots. President Trump and his allies have lobbed
accusations of fraudulent votes and the Hard Reset crew will go over
some likely developments and possible outcomes.

In this episode, Mollie talks with journalist Emma Castleberry about the
complications experienced by ex-prison inmates during the COVID
pandemic. Then, JC, Justin and Mollie discuss the credibility and
consequences of a dubious New York Post story about Joe Biden’s son
Hunter Biden.

In this episode, Mollie talks to Sarah Fowler and Ben Luschen about
their recent reporting for Big If True covering many different aspects
of evictions during the 2020 COVID crisis.

In this episode, Mollie talks with Matt Simon of Wired Magazine about
‘climate grief’. Then, Kaiser Health News correspondent Rachana Pradhan
explains COVID-19 rapid antigen testing, the pros and cons, and why
Washington is one of 21 states which does not include antigen test
results in official tallies.

In this episode, Mollie talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
Jessica Miller about her work covering Utah’s ‘wilderness therapy’
industry, where states including Oregon have sent children for foster
care, and the dangers and exploitation facing those troubled teens.
Then, Justin, JC, and Mollie discuss a memo from the CDC instructing
state governments to start making preparations for a COVID-19 vaccine.
Finally, how might the public’s everyday interactions on social media
contribute to escalating violence such as recent events in Kenosha, WI
and in Portland?

In this episode, Molly and Justin explore some hidden consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak – How do prisons deal with the pandemic? How might rapid virus testing work in day-to-day life? And how has America’s complicated history of inequality affected people trying to navigate these new challenges?

In this episode, Mollie Bryant interviews Doris Crouse-Mays with the Virginia AFL-CIO about workplace safety under OSHA during COVID-19. Then, Aaron Phillips, President of the Amarillo Education Association talks with Mollie about the debate surrounding whether schools should open with in-person instruction in the fall with the virus threat still looming. 

In this episode, Mollie talks with Cassie Miller, Senior Research Analyst with the Southern Poverty Law Center, about the so-called “Boogaloo Boys” after recent violent confrontations and arrests. Then, we’ll hear from author and journalist Jacob Silverman about the difficulty of reporting on Facebook.

In this episode, Mollie talks to Dylan Goforth, Editor in Chief of The Frontier, about the controversies surrounding President Trump’s first campaign rally since the COVID crisis began. Then Molly and JC discuss the history of surveillance and tactics used against racial justice protesters. 

In this episode, JC and Justin talk with Big if True founder Mollie
Bryant about the unprecedented scale and intensity of protests against
police violence and racial discrimination in the wake of the killing of
George Floyd. The crew discusses the many ways journalists and news
organizations affect the framing and interpretation of events in society
and how the social responsibility of journalists is being questioned as
technology enables governments and individuals to target activists.

In this episode Mollie, Justin, and JC discuss the causes and impact of “news burnout” and how to build resilience to the fatigue caused by long, stressful news cycles. We’ll hear from several guests about their experience with news burnout and their strategies for coping when the piles of bad news start to get too heavy.

In their first broadcast episode Molly, Justin, and JC explain a little bit about Hard Reset and Big If True before digging into this week’s topics. Justin and JC will hear how Mollie examined President Trump’s pardon of Michael Milken and learn what history and connections surround the former Junk Bond King. Then, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has joined the Democratic Presidential field of hopefuls and “up come the embarrassing sound bites.” Did Bloomberg imply that America’s farmers are lacking gray matter?