Month: August 2022

Fusebox – 195 “Is It In?”

Fusebox 195: “Is It In?”—Find out if Marc Rose and Milt Kanes were able to get Fusebox’s “Studio 51” out of a technological black hole and up and running bigger, better, n’ badder than before. And remember: When something doesn’t fit, get a bigger hammer!

Internal Chatter – Debbie Dedrickson – 08/03/22

Melissa and Staci chat with Debbie Dedrickson about the best relationship advice you’ve never heard about… The Drama (or Rescue) Triangle… what it is, how damaging it can be, and why it’s so important to avoid on Lines for Life Crisis calls. Lots of other super helpful advice to take the pressure off you and …

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Rogue Apostles 8-3-22

Host James Tolson is joined by the whole gang – Amanda Lynn Deal, Scott, Zane Thomas, and producer Steven – to riff on topics ranging from bone-in vs. boneless wings, what if the bible was Disney’s IP, and the plusses and minuses of Applebee’s. Things don’t necessarily get heated, but they do get funny.